Sensei Matt Hogan

Matt has 30 years of experience training in martial arts starting with Okninawan Shorin Ryu at the age of 13. Over the course of his training, he earned rank in a number of different styles including green in Shotokan, 3rd brown in Chinese Kenpo, 1st brown in American Kenpo, and 1st brown in Okinawan Kempo. Matt currently holds the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black) in Matsumora Orthodox Shorin Ryu. Additionally, he has trained in Muay Thai and BJJ. Matt has competed in full contact karate and point sparring, having been sponsored by KFC to compete in AAA rated tournaments throughout the North East.

Matt founded Kobukan Karate Academy to serve the needs of undeserved populations and to continue sharing the physical, spiritual, and mental benefits of learning martial arts within his community.